Rebirth in Nature

The concept of SoulTree™ is the rebirth of one form of life inside another. It is an opportunity to be reborn in nature after passing away. SoulTree™ is a completely biological urn, in which the ashes of a cremated body are held along with a capsule for a seed, from which a tree would sprout. It is a living tree both literally and metaphorically. It is a vertical of life, which symbolizes the unity of heaven and earth. Trees are some of the most important plants to the humankind and the opportunity to be reborn into one is both simple and genius. The SoulTree™ is composed of two parts: the urn for the ashes and a capsule for the seed, from which a tree would grow as a remembrance of a close person or a loved pet. SoulTree™ allows you to be reborn from death to nature.

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